Aiko Suzuki of Suzuki Farm, City of Date, Hokkaido.

 Based in Date, Hokkaido, we produce high-quality organic rice, free of any chemical fertiliser, safe and friendly to the body and the environment.

 We also grow organic “sakamai” (brewer's rice), and produce our own brand of sake called “Shunnari”.


We have been growing rice with a strong belief in our motto that “although mountains cannot meet, people can”.


 Before succeeding in pesticide-free rice production, we were faced with a number of challenges, like the lack of rice fields dedicated to sake, and the difficulty to come by rice seeds.

Amidst those hardships, if we have been able to keep growing rice, it is thanks to a series of providential encounters.

I want to express our gratitude to all the people we had the good fortune to meet along the road.



The Steiner theory, that had an immense influence on my method of organic farming.

That large-scale vision, embracing the whole universe, is put into practice in today’s agriculture.

 In the rice fields free of any pesticide, herbicide or chemical fertiliser, life is thriving, insects, small fish, birds are gathering and singing a hymn to Life.

 Rice made by Heaven, Earth and Life.



You can purchase original sake brand “Shunnnari”, made with organic rice from Suzuki Farm, on the webstore of Sakamoto Store, a local sake and wine store in Muroran.


 There are three varieties of rice produced in Suzuki Farm: “Yumepirika”, “Fukkurinko” and “Yumepirika & Fukkurinko Blend”.


For rice growing on the Suzuki Farm, minerals have a crucial importance.

 In addition to applying the “Steiner method” of cultivation and soil preparation for a high quality organic farming, we have introduced our own fertiliser using fossil shells and mineral-rich water.

 Thanks to our commitment to minerals, the taste was enhanced significantly.



Original brand of sake “Shunnnari”, made from organic rice, using no pesticide, herbicide, or chemical fertiliser whatsoever.


 For the “sakamai” (brewer's rice, base ingredient of sake) we use the varieties “Ginpu” and “Miyama-nishiki”.


This year we planted “Ginpu” in the best rice fields, and its growth was optimal.


 Until now we were exclusively producing “Tokubetsu-junmai-shu” (special pure rice sake), but we decided to upgrade to “Ginjō” by shaving the rice up to 50%.


 This time we present two varieties, the “Tokubetsu-junmai-shu” and the “Ginjō”.


 “The Doors to the Earth” by Shizuka Futari - The anthem of Suzuki Farm.